Project 01


For avoiding rash driving of the drivers we have to provide safety systems within the vehicles mainly for 4-wheelers. We can make this by using sensors and electronic circuits, which costs more. Rather than providing such high cost equipment we can achieve the same thing by mechanical means.
By using simple system we can control automatically the speed of the vehicle in highly populated regions without interference of the human. The vehicle will move with designed speed (low speed) of the control system only even though the driver wants to move the vehicle with high velocity.
An Intelligent Transport System is expected to link the vehicle, the infrastructure and thereby make it possible to achieve more mobile and safer traffic conditions. Automated control systems must be incorporated which will not only take care of adjusting sensors and signal conditioner but also be able to take necessary action at the proper time to avoid collision.
A lot of accidents in the highways are due to the carelessness of the driver. We have designed this project to provide a solution for this. Our solution involves using ir sensors we can control speed of vehicles at different zones.
A survey shows that the number of accidents in the highways has gone up by a rate of 7.41% with the road deaths increasing to about 8.61% as it was during the year 2004. (This statistical data is fetched from the website maintained by national highways and updated on March 2005.)
Notice branch of traffic unit says that most of the accidents are due to the carelessness of the driver driving the vehicles.